Digitalisation of competence in bank sales management

This project focuses on changes to customer advisor competence in bank sales management. Building on a specific competence model that provides for qualification via face-to-face training in banking workplaces, it analyses the impact, change and potential of digitalisation and innovative technologies, translated into a concept, an implementation model and various technology-fuelled solutions for new competence scenarios. The development of digital competence solutions focuses on their benefit for sales management in banks, including as regards agile issues, increased scope and penetration, and the streamlining of time resources for customer advisors. Integrating digital competence services into the working process is a particularly important part of this.

DFKI’s Educational Technology Lab is providing strategic and specialist advice to the project management. Furthermore, the EdTec Lab is constructing a competence and qualification platform using state-of-the-art educational technologies and AI-based methods of information and knowledge management. The aim is to ensure that in the future customer advisors in bank sales management will be able to agilely and quickly access news, use modern communication options, retrieve relevant materials on demand, and expand their individual knowledge according to their particular requirements. The qualification formats used include smart shows, teaching videos and microcontent. A new process for education evaluation and for certification using nano-degrees and badges is being introduced, tested via several pilot phases, and evaluated live in the banking system.