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Exercise culture, youth culture and digitisation in urban areas

Digitisation is increasingly infiltrating the children and young people’s sport and exercise worlds and is an integral part of modern youth culture. The development of smart cities and digital rural regions has created potential for exercise areas where elements such as the internet of things, augmented reality or artificial intelligence are used in conjunction with mobile and social technologies to create new opportunities for non-formal educational services in sport. Peer-to-peer communication and learning in groups is particularly relevant here.

As German Sport Youth’s research partner and within the Smart Sport project, the Educational Technology Lab is for the first time using the example of trendy sports to apply and test artificial intelligence methods in recording, apportioning and presenting young people’s forms of sport and exercise for individuals or in their peer group. Exercise and learning histories are mapped, and tailored exercise and sports programmes are proposed in urban and rural areas which the individual’s skills, abilities, interests and goals take into account and make appropriate suggestions.


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