Prospects 4.0
Industry 4.0 skills for young people in rural regions

On the Prospects 4.0 project, trainees and young employees in companies in the district of Neunkirchen receive a personal development and training plan for industry 4.0 and complete a hybrid qualification in line with the plan. The knowledge content related to the qualification is provided both in web-based form and via on-site workshops with the peer group. Development and training plans are tailored to individual requirements and job profiles in companies and industries.

The entire qualification process consists of a mix of learning videos, recommended reading of existing online articles, tutorials on industry 4.0, and on-site workshops. The Educational Technology Lab designs, develops, implements and ensures the quality of teaching and learning content for various target (age) groups, sectors and areas of application. The EdTec Lab is also responsible for designing and organising on-site workshops and for evaluating the qualification process.


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