Designing personalised learning environments for students

How can we design study and teaching concepts that enable the quality of individual mentoring for skills acquisition to be scalable? TU Dresden, the DFKI’s EdTec Lab, the University of Halle-Wittenberg, TU Chemnitz, HTWK Leipzig, FU Berlin and RWTH Aachen are working on this key question under the leadership of Leipzig University to research future-oriented concepts for technology-based, personalised learning environments and mentoring for students at German universities. As well as educational science issues, this will also focus on developing AI-based educational technologies and their effectiveness for study and teaching. The BMBF is providing the project with 7.4 million euros of funding.

The research project’s interdisciplinary orientation enables multi-faceted access to student learning, meaning that it will open up various disciplines of study as well as provide broader access to the methodological and research approaches of different fields. The DFKI’s EdTec Lab is contributing its experience in supporting training, qualification and educational processes with innovative software technologies and artificial intelligence applications, something that also features in the project. Test fields include mathematics at HTWK Leipzig, computer science at TU Chemnitz, and teacher training and educational sciences at Leipzig University and TU Dresden.

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