Digitalisation, professional training and demography

Artificial intelligence and assistance and knowledge services are a key part of the changing world of work and qualification in the digital age. To examine their potential for change and their integration into workflows and operational organisations, the ‘NAWID’ project is testing the introduction and use of AI-based assistance and knowledge services in three learning and experimentation spaces. This focuses on the issue of digital cultural change and the configuration of professional training, vocational qualification, and lifelong learning. In the context of demographic change, particular attention is being paid to incorporating older employees and a generation mix.

To tackle these issues, the NAWID project is examining the relationship between digitalisation in professional training and the key questions of demography: it is about new ways of shaping work processes, improving working conditions and increasing the quality of work, in order to enable better opportunities for participation and boost intergenerational collaboration. The DFKI’s EdTec Lab is providing NAWID’s affiliated partners with its expertise on artificial intelligence and assistance and knowledge services. Knowledge-based expert systems are also being tested using modelling and examples in three learning and experimentation spaces.