Maker Factory
Concept study for a maker factory for young people in rural areas

The ‘Land(auf)Schwung’ pilot project by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) is helping economically underdeveloped rural regions to actively circumvent local demographic change, increase regional value creation and secure employment in the region. The district of Neunkirchen is tackling the focal topics of ‘Life, living and working in the vital region of Neunkirchen’ and ‘Activating regional resources and entrepreneurial individuals in the district of Neunkirchen’.

The Educational Technology Lab is helping the district to prepare a concept and study of the feasibility for designing a Maker Factory. The aim of the Maker Factory should be to get teenagers and young people in the district interested in new technologies such as the internet of things or augmented reality, establish loyalty to the area by boosting regional attractiveness, and promote innovation for the region. The project involves collaborating with the district’s expert and project network.