AI Management
Developing hybrid AI qualification content for companies

Rapidly advancing digitisation in many sectors and fields of application is raising the question of the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and its possible applications. Whether character, handwriting or speech recognition, machine translation, information extraction, or knowledge-based or expert systems, in addition to gaining an understanding of applications and the underlying AI methods, companies are tackling the idea of added value for their own product or service portfolio and for their entrepreneurial potential.

For the first time ever, the Educational Technology Lab is designing and producing an AI management hybrid certification course for Bitkom Akademie, with both online programmes and attendance classes. Building on an applied perspective of AI for companies, five modules take an in-depth look at questions such as: What is AI? What are the best practices and global trends? What are the prerequisites for companies? What are the foundations of machine learning and deep learning? Courses also incorporate examples from areas of application and from participants’ own work.


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