Holistic training for hybrid value creation

Innovative combinations of goods and services for hybrid value creation are complex, and induce change in companies. The resulting transformation in the areas of HR, technology and organisation often requires a reorientation of thinking to enable hybrid value to be generated. Small and medium sized enterprises frequently find it difficult to provide the necessary time, specialist and methodological resources themselves. ABILITY focuses on developing a holistic training system designed to enable SMEs to identify, evaluate and implement hybrid value creation in their operating environment.

An association of partners from science and industry is creating innovative business models in three sectors, based on hybrid value creation from the creative through to the implementation phase. This process is being supported by a personal learning environment developed by DFKI’s EdTec Lab that assists training management in companies. AI-based applications enable training to be customised to companies, individuals and processes, and link up knowledge modules with data on the company-specific design of hybrid value creation. The examination, discussion and development of practical knowledge in knowledge communities is also being addressed.