AI and digitization at Daimler Global Training

Daimler Global Training is responsible for the global management of information, knowledge and training and for passing on new skills within Daimler AG. As a global training service provider, Daimler Global Training ensures and boosts competence across the sales organisation worldwide. Global Training helps to enable quick transformation of knowledge and thus marketing of products and services. Its role is to pass expertise on to employees in the sales organisation across the world in consistently current, quick, widely spread and simultaneous form.

Within this project, the EdTec Lab at DFKI focuses on the scientific and technological status of artificial intelligence in educational and working processes. A concept study was developed for Daimler Global Training to address the question of how the opportunities and potential of artificial intelligence could be used to further develop digital qualification measures in Daimler Global Training’s after-sales service. Building on scenario technologies, this includes taking into account industry 4.0 developments as well as the progress of AI-based educational technologies, information and knowledge management.