Data and learning portal for monitoring prevention measures

Communities That Care (CTC) is a communal prevention strategy which helps municipal inhabitants and key stakeholders involved in how young people grow up to establish an overall view of the situation. Behavioural problems and the underlying risk and protection factors are identified and used to derive clear and quantifiable results, the achievement of which can be monitored over time. This monitoring can be regularly performed using the CTC survey, which has been put to successful use in the USA and the Netherlands for many years.

The ‘CTC Survey’ project is being run on behalf of the Lower Saxony Crime Prevention Council with the aim of implementing Lower Saxony’s comprehensively applied CTC prevention strategy using a digital platform designed and implemented by EdTec Lab. This should perform CTC data analysis, evaluation and storage and enable the surveys to be performed more economically. In addition to analyses at individual points in time, for the first time ever the platform also enables longitudinal examination with more extensive analyses.