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Intelligent assistance and knowledge system in production

The Ministry of Economics’ APPsist project aims to develop and implement a new generation of context-sensitive assistance and knowledge services and their underlying architecture. This has produced an integrated software solution which uses augmented and virtual reality technologies alongside the methods of artificial intelligence to enable workplace-centred information, knowledge and expertise management when using cyber-physical systems in the digitally networked factory of the future (‘smart production’). A prototype of the software solution is being used and tested by companies from the machinery, plant and manufacturing industries in conjunction with highly automated or cyber-physical production systems.

The Educational Technology Lab is laying the foundations for AI-based assistance and knowledge services. Concepts for domain, sector, production type, user, knowledge and action models are currently being created and validated. Prototypes are being implemented of services that establish links with different visualisation technologies and human-machine interaction concepts. The EdTec Lab is also testing the practicality of AI-based assistance and knowledge services with its industrial application partners, as well as in model and teaching factories belonging to its scientific project partners. Three iterations of verification and validation are planned.


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