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Intelligent assistance and knowledge services in emergency medical care

The ALINA project – intelligent assistance services and personalised learning environments in interdisciplinary emergency rooms – aims to provide emergency room nursing staff and paramedics with innovative assistance systems via the internet or mobile devices in the pre-clinical and clinical phases of emergency treatment. In addition, online learning platforms are used to disseminate knowledge designed to help provide the necessary fundamentals of theory and clinical and practical application online.

The EdTec Lab is developing intelligent and adaptive assistance services which form the foundations of technological support in interdisciplinary emergency rooms. The digital learning and assistance services are available in mobile form, meaning that they can be used in the places where support is specifically required. In addition, when used these offer case-oriented assistance which allows the user to focus specifically on the acute emergency situation. The assistance services are being used and evaluated at Göttingen and Magdeburg university hospitals and with the ambulance and paramedic services working together with these institutions.


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