AI.EDU Research Lab at the FernUniversität in Hagen

The FernUniversität in Hagen at the DFKI’s EdTec Lab are collaborating on research into the use of artificial intelligence in university education as part of the AI.EDU Research Lab project. These two institutions have agreed to close collaboration and consultation on current research, development and transfer topics as part of the FernUniversität’s ‘Diversity, Digitalisation and Lifelong Learning’ research focus. The aim is to identify topics for joint projects. The ‘AI.EDU Research Lab’ was established as an initial cooperation project as part of the FernUniversität under the joint leadership of Prof. Claudia de Witt and Prof. Christoph Igel.

The project includes the interdisciplinary design, research and testing of artificial intelligence methods and applications in study and teaching activities at the FernUniversität. Machine learning and knowledge-based expert systems will also be used to support individual learning and study organisation. AI is expected to offer universities considerable potential for change. The FernUniversität, with its data from over 75,000 students, has the potential to become a model institution for the use of AI in studies, teaching and further training. Questions of AI’s acceptance and effectiveness for a diverse student population, taking ethics into account, will also be a focal point.

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