“Artificial Intelligence & Educational Technologies” future lab

Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve education and work processes. Whether heuristics, knowledge bases and expert systems, machine learning, or cognitive systems, the methods of artificial intelligence and their application are already providing added value that for example helps with personalising learning processes or mentoring, addressing recommendations for educational content or useful situation-related or context-related tools, or enabling assistance services within work processes to be customised. Artificial intelligence is also regularly used in education and work processes to support human-computer interaction, whether in virtual or augmented reality applications or for language technology.

The “Artificial Intelligence & Educational Technologies” future lab focuses on the application and use of artificial intelligence and educational technologies in various fields of application. This living lab uses research exhibits to bring the topic to life for interested parties from civil society, politics, NGOs, economy, industry and society. The focus is therefore on testing, experimenting with and trying out applications of artificial intelligence and future-oriented educational technologies. This is based on exhibits and demonstrations from the DFKI EdTec Lab’s research, development and transfer projects in various fields of application including medicine, industry, prevention, finance and sport.