Just-in-time AI-based Worker Support for Digital Aviation Factory

The EIT Digital activity ‘Just-in-time AI-based Problem-Solving and Training Support for the Digital Factory Floor’ brings to the market AI-based support services for human operators on the shop floor, which use digital production processes data to provide on-the-spot problem solving and long-term development support. A demonstrated prototype will be transformed into a cloud-based, qualified system. Research partner of the AI-AID is, inter alia, Airbus Operations.

Due to the continuous technological innovation of digitized production processes, today’s shop floor is becoming more complex every day. Too few employees have the required maintenance, repair and operation skills. Production downtime will therefore increase, regardless of automation. Today’s training does not address this problem adequately because it is too disconnected from the actual activities of the individual workers, and at the same time too generic and not adapted to the needs of the individuals.

The EIT activity will produce a cloud-based system that provides workers with personalized and adaptive support using AI-based services. It gives on-the-spot problem solving support through step-by-step instructions that react to the actual employees’ actions and supports long-term development goals through micro-learning. The system uses sensor data collected during the production processes to detect gaps in knowledge and skills. Data collection happens via existing or newly deployed sensors.