Maturity-based migration to cyber-physical production systems

The aim of the ADAPTION research project is to help companies to migrate to cyber-physical production systems. Funded by BMBF, it is developing a maturity-based process model which enables an individual migration path to be derived taking into account economic efficiency aspects. The ideal target maturity level is individually determined for each company based on benefit and economic efficiency. The procedure model takes a holistic approach incorporating the three operational design dimensions of technology, organisation and staff.

The Educational Technology Lab’s role in ADAPTION is to formalise and provide the technical software implementation of a maturity and process model for migrating to a cyber-physical production system. It is also expanding an existing assistance system to include digital learning scenarios relevant to cyber-physical production systems. The migration is being analysed under real conditions with application partners of various sizes (groups, SMEs), and the results fed back into the general process model.


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