Certificate course for AI managers

Project AI Management
Article posted on 18.06.2019

16 interested individuals from industry, business and non-profit organisations completed the ‘AI manager’ certificate course this year. The course was jointly offered by Bitkom and DFKI for the first time in 2018. The classes are run jointly by the Bitkom Akademie and the DFKI’s Educational Technology Lab. The course’s four modules are supported by speakers from DFKI and companies such as SAP, IBM and ioxp.

All participants passed the certificate examination to successfully complete the course. The ideas developed and presented here covered a wide range of areas, including nursing, automotive and advertising pitches as well as more specialist topics such as childcare.

The ‘AI manager training’ on-the-job certificate course from Bitkom and DFKI is aimed at decision-makers within companies. Groups, SMEs and start-ups are tackled equally. This training in the field of artificial intelligence (unique in Germany) is suitable for managers responsible for business development, corporate development and digitisation, as well as operational project managers and team leaders. No previous IT or AI skills are required. The certificate course’s five modules give participants an opportunity to tackle the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and hybrid value creation using heuristics. The course also teaches participants about knowledge-based systems and machine learning. Examples of artificial intelligence in use and practical experience from research & development, companies and start-ups represent key components of the training programme. During the course, participants put online AI services to the test and evaluate them in the context of their own business areas. Participants are also taught how to design and critically analyse use cases to generate AI-based, hybrid value creation for their own companies.

More information and details of upcoming courses are available here.