AI – the key to the working world of tomorrow?

EdTec Lab
Article posted on 11.10.2018

Artificial intelligence is a highly emotional topic for many people: should I be afraid of ‘robots’? Will my education and training be enough for the digital future? What will happen to my job? Do humans control technology or does technology control humans? Questions such as these are best tackled using a broad information base and good arguments from ethics, research, economy and politics, as this gives rise to perspectives for critically and constructively shaping digitalisation. At a democratic debate 14 October 2018, Prof. Christoph Igel, Scientific Director of the DFKI’s Educational Technology Lab joined forces with the ethicist and theologian Dr. Gernot Meier (Baden church authority) and Saskia Esken (SPD, member of the German Federal Parliament) to discuss the topic: AI – the key to the working world of tomorrow?

This event was organised by the ‘Selbstbestimmt Digital’ initiative as part of the Open Codes exhibition at the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. After short introductory statements in a fishbowl format, experts and the public debated on a level playing field. Interested parties were invited to the event, with entry free of charge. The ‘Selbstbestimmt Digital’ initiative aims to boost human rights and civil liberties, as well as self-determination in digital space. This includes organising events designed to help provide information about the technological background to the digital world and explain the challenges of everyday digital life. Public action formats, lectures, workshops, and the creation of communication platforms for digital reality topics are among the other services offered by this public service association.