Indian delegation visits Berlin

EdTec Lab
Article posted on 19.06.2019

On 5 June, DFKI’s Berlin office was visited by Anna Roy from the government think tank National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog), Soumya Gupta and Niraj Kumar Jha from the Indian embassy, and Anandi Iyer, Director of Fraunhofer Office India. Ms Roy is responsible for India’s artificial intelligence strategy and highlighted the relevance the internet of things and supply chains for areas particularly including foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. Julia Gundlach of DFKI presented the Smart Data Forum project and Anne Schwerk presented projects in the fields of artificial and intelligence being undertaken by the Intelligent Analytics for Massive Data research group. In addition, Michael Dietrich and Milos Kravcik presented relevant Education Technology Lab projects such as A-DRZ and HR4.0, and discussed opportunities for collaboration.