Discussion paper on the digitisation of education in Germany published

Federal Government's Digital Summit
Article posted on 10.10.2017

What infrastructure requirements and network connections are needed for schools, and how might the use of cloud solutions work? What role does interoperability play in education system networking? How can we ensure a balance between data sovereignty and data protection, and what organisational developments are required within the school system? These and other questions are tackled in the recently published discussion paper entitled ‘The Digitisation of Education in Germany’, drafted at the initiative of the BfB (Education Alliance) with help from the Digital Networking Charter and the Intelligent Education Networks expert group for the federal government’s National Digital Summit. Based on a specialist workshop led by Professor Christoph Igel (Scientific Director of the EdTEc Lab at DFKI, chair of the expert group and a member of the Charter’s executive board), proposals and recommendations for action were formulated which could be used to implement the necessary adjustments to the school education system in Germany on an infrastructure and organisational level.

Experts in the national and international digital and internet economy, the research, education, university and school system, and data protection and freedom of information from cities, municipalities and communities, as well as representatives of parliamentary groups, have all provided information and inspiration for the digital pact on education in Germany which is currently undergoing consultation by the federal and state governments. Recommendations for political action are discussed covering broadband initiatives for schools, cloud-based solutions, interoperability strategies, networking facilitation, data protection in the education sector, data sovereignty and school development, qualification for teachers and principals, quality of IT infrastructure, and scientific support and evaluation. The discussion paper ‘The Digitisation of Education in Germany’ is available here (in German language).