#DIV2018 – dialogue for the digital society of the future

Federal Government's Digital Summit
Article posted on 25.09.2018

Last Tuesday saw lively discussion at the Berlin Olympic Stadium as part of this year’s DIV ‘An Intelligently Networked Germany’ conference, taking the slogan ‘Living and working in a digital society – digitally networked cities and regions combining technology, qualification and social responsibility’. This year a BarCamp format was tried for the first time, meaning that there was a wide variety not only in the topics chosen, but also in the methods used for the more than 20 sessions. Over 100 participants registered to discuss and exchange experiences on current topics and programmatic reflections relating to artificial intelligence, smart cities, augmented reality and agility in companies. The interactive format encouraged participants to exchange ideas and expertise, as well as providing opportunities for entirely personal dialogue.

Prof. Christoph Igel represented DFKI’s Educational Technology Lab. In his role as a member of the steering committee of the ‘Intelligent Networking’ focus group for the federal government’s National Digital Summit, he moderated the opening panel which saw intense discussion between Raimund Overhage (Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs) and Dr. Thomas Lange (Germany Academy of Science and Engineering) based on the BarCamp principle. Prof. Igel also ran the ‘Artificial intelligence in professional education’ session, which was met with a huge response and prompted lively debate on the subject. Together with Dr. Thomas Lange (acatech), he also oversaw running of the ‘Agility in companies’ session, during which numerous representatives of business and science discussed the approaches, methods and experiences of agile trends in the business and HR development of groups and SMEs in Germany.