Research into semi-automatically generated qualification scenarios

Project DigiLernPro
Article posted on 22.04.2016

22 April saw the second milestone meeting of the BMBF-funded DigiLernPro joint project take place at the Institute of Information Management (ifib) in Bremen. This project is investigating the creation of semi-automatically generated digital learning scenarios for workplace-integrated support of industrial production activities. Firstly, one of the industrial partners involved presented various aspects of integrating digital learning processes and the need for doing so. A second presentation covered the progress achieved in developing a skills model.

As part of this project, the Educational Technology Lab has developed an authoring and reproduction tool for technically based multimedia surveying of work processes in production halls. The current software status as presented means that work processes can now already be surveyed, allowing for implementation by industrial partners. Next, there was discussion of the software’s further development and organisational implementation. The participants’ excellent levels of preparation meant that the milestone meeting was able to establish a specific plan for the coming year, making it a great success.