Designing work, participation and AI for people

Demographie Netzwerk
Article posted on 27.09.2018

Under the motto “3D perspective change – demographic change, digitisation and diversity”, “Das Demographie Netzwerk e.V.” alongside the DFKI Educational Technology Lab issued invitations to Berlin on 27 September 2018. The focus was on “Designing work, participation and AI for people” at the keynote event of the national ddn 2018 action day in the premises of the Saarland representation to the Federation. Secretary of State Jürgen Lennartz and ddn board chairman Rudolf Kast discussed the wide-ranging themes at the start of the event. Dr. Julia Borggräfe, head of the digitisation and world of work department at the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs (BMS) then presented the BMAS “strategic approaches for work and digitisation” in her keynote speech. The programme was completed with three theme forums: artificial intelligence and assistance systems (Prof. Dr. Christoph Igel, DFKI), diversity, participation and digitisation (Torben Andrasch, Daimler AG) and experimenting and learning spaces for work (Markus Müller, BMAS).

Prof. Igel addressed two key areas in the “artificial intelligence and assistance systems” forum: “Artificial intelligence – what do we know? What do we dream about? What do we want?” and “How can assistance services benefit people? Why do we need them?”. In the subsequent “break out” numerous participants commented and expanded on the technical theses from the keynote speech as well as providing proposals and suggestions for the ongoing work of the demography network. The not-for-profit network brings together around 400 companies and institutions with HR responsibility for more than two million employees in order to actively design demographic change in Germany. From 2018 on Prof. Dr. Christoph Igel has been chairman of the ddn network which is also a member of the Initiative on the New Quality of Work (INQA) by the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS).