30 years of cutting-edge international research on artificial intelligence

EdTec Lab
Article posted on 17.10.2018

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) combines scientific excellence and applied development with societal benefit. This public private partnership, unique worldwide, has been researching AI for humans for the past 30 years. We focus on scientific excellence, economic benefit and social relevance. On 17/10, 16 AI prototypes from 11 of the research areas investigated at DFKI locations were displayed at an open house event. These addressed topics such as intelligent assistance and knowledge services in emergency medicine, on-the-fly optimization and planning of production systems in real time, robots for independent exploration of planetary craters and caves, smart textiles, and eye-tracking and augmented reality for immersive quantified learning. Over 200 participants came to find out more about DFKI’s AI prototypes.

This was accompanied by an exhibit from the Educational Technology Laboratory (EdTec Lab). A human-like simulation dummy (also used during medical studies to teach practical skills) was employed to demonstrate the results of the BMBF project ‘ALINA – intelligent assistance and knowledge services in emergency medical units’. Examples include specific emergency situations in the preclinical and clinical phases of emergency care, re-enacting them and bringing them to life. The service was designed and made available on mobile devices for the professional activities of non-academic occupational groups in emergency medicine, such as paramedics, emergency medical technicians and nursing staff. This means that emergency and rescue services receive needs-oriented support on site in an acute emergency situation, regardless of the location or the time. Furthermore, associated online learning platforms provide the necessary theoretical foundation as part of the ALINA project.