Educational Technology Laboratory

The Educational Technology Lab at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) focuses on using artificial intelligence and innovative software technologies to support the training, qualification and education processes of scholastic, academic and professional basic and further training. The emergence of technology, education and organisation in networked, digitised worlds is particularly relevant in research, development, innovation and transformation. Academics work together with partners for research and science, the digital and education economies, spinoffs, EdTec startups, and young companies in e-learning and digital education.
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  • Konferenz Bildungsräume 2017 | Trailer
  • Konferenz MEDIZIN.BILDUNG.DIGITAL | Trailer
  • Konferenz SMART SPORT | Trailer
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News from EdTec Lab

didacta 2018 | Robots, AI, work and digital education

The didacta 2018 education trade fair held this year in Hanover marked the beginning of new education initiatives. 840 exhibitors, including 130 from abroad, presented new concepts from all stages of lifelong learning to the more than 73,000 visitors to this fair organised by Deutsche Messe. Key players in the education industry exchanged views across around 1,400 forums, workshops, presentations and seminars. The supporting programme at the Deutsche Messe Convention Center was able to increase

AI manager training with the Bitkom Akademie

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and autonomous systems will all significantly affect companies’ development over the next few years. What does this mean for your own company? How can AI aid a company’s future value creation? What AI concepts, fundamentals, methods and specific applications stand behind the often overused buzzwords? What basics do you need to know, which research

rbb inforadio 93.1: on horses, predictions ...

The impact of digitisation on our living and working environment was tackled by Thomas Prinzler and his guests – including Prof. Christoph Igel, Scientific Director of the Educational Technology Lab – on rbb inforadio 93.1’s programme ‘93. Treffpunkt WissensWerte’:  how much of an impact has it already had, how much will it continue to have in the future, and what seems unrealistic?

Digital education still far from the state ...

On 11 February, Prof. Dr. Christoph Igel made a public statement about the CDU, CSU and SPD’s coalition agreement during the ARD programme ‘Bericht aus Berlin’. The topic: digital education. The conclusion reached by the DFKI Educational Technology Lab’s Scientific Director was that digitisation became increasingly important during the last parliament, but that Germany is still far from re