• 30th anniversary of DFKI

    AI cutting-edge research for humans October 17, 2018 in Berlin


    Future Lab Artificial Intelligence and Educational Technologies


    Optimization of emergency medicine through Artificial Intelligence

  • ICWL 2019

    International Conference on Web-based Learning September 23rd to 25th, 2019

Educational Technology Laboratory

The Educational Technology Lab at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) focuses on using artificial intelligence and innovative software technologies to support the training, qualification and education processes of scholastic, academic and professional basic and further training. The emergence of technology, education and organisation in networked, digitised worlds is particularly relevant in research, development, innovation and transformation. Academics work together with partners for research and science, the digital and education economies, spinoffs, EdTec startups, and young companies in e-learning and digital education.
Insights in EdTec Lab

  • DIV Konferenz 2018 | Trailer
  • ddn Aktionstag 2018 | Trailer
  • 30 Jahre DFKI – Open House – Trailer Langfassung
  • Forum Europrofession 2018 | Trailer
Selected research partners

News from EdTec Lab

30 years of cutting-edge international research on artificial intelligence

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) combines scientific excellence and applied development with societal benefit. This public private partnership, unique worldwide, has been researching AI for humans for the past 30 years. We focus on scientific excellence, economic benefit and social relevance. On 17/10, 16 AI prototypes from 11 of the research areas investigated at DFKI locations were displayed at an open house event. These addressed topics such as intelligent assist

AI – the key to the working world of tomorrow?

Artificial intelligence is a highly emotional topic for many people: should I be afraid of ‘robots’? Will my education and training be enough for the digital future? What will happen to my job? Do humans control technology or does technology control humans? Questions such as these are best tackled using a broad information base and good arguments from ethics, research, economy and politics, as

Designing work, participation and AI for people

Under the motto “3D perspective change - demographic change, digitisation and diversity”, “Das Demographie Netzwerk e.V.” alongside the DFKI Educational Technology Lab issued invitations to Berlin on 27 September 2018. The focus was on “Designing work, participation and AI for people” at the keynote event of the national ddn 2018 action day in the premises of the Saarland representati

#DIV2018 – dialogue for the digital ...

Last Tuesday saw lively discussion at the Berlin Olympic Stadium as part of this year’s DIV ‘An Intelligently Networked Germany’ conference, taking the slogan ‘Living and working in a digital society – digitally networked cities and regions combining technology, qualification and social responsibility’. This year a BarCamp format was tried for the first time, meaning that there was a w