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Educational Technology Laboratory

The Educational Technology Lab at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) focuses on using artificial intelligence and innovative software technologies to support the training, qualification and education processes of scholastic, academic and professional basic and further training. The emergence of technology, education and organisation in networked, digitised worlds is particularly relevant in research, development, innovation and transformation. Academics work together with partners for research and science, the digital and education economies, spinoffs, EdTec startups, and young companies in e-learning and digital education.
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AI.EDU Research Lab together with FernUniversität in Hagen

FernUniversität in Hagen and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) are cooperating on research into the use of Artificial Intelligence in university education. Within the framework of the focus of research at FernUniversität, “Diversity, digitalisation and lifelong learning”, the two institutions have agreed on a close exchange and consultancy services on current research, development and transfer topics associated. The aim is to identify topics for joint projects. As an

The worlds of learning and work will ...

VR glasses, robots, learning environments reminiscent of computer games – at the final of the national “Digital Youngsters” competition, initiated by WorldSkills Germany, seven teams of apprentices showed how they imagine training and work will look tomorrow. Unlike the way in which many companies are planning to use digitalisation to achieve more cost-efficient production and thus boost their pro

Designing personalised learning environments ...

The joint project “Personalised competence development via scalable mentoring processes – tech4comp” started at the beginning of October 2018. The central question is “What should design concepts that make the proven quality of individual mentoring scalable for the acquisition of competences look like?”, and eight project partners throughout Germany have formed a consortium managed by Leipzig Univ

Digitalisation and sport in the city of the ...

Potential, ideas and projects around sport, exercise and health in the digital city of tomorrow – this was the theme at the heart of the conference URBAN.SPORT, which took place in Berlin on 19/20 November 2018. Local authority decision makers and shapers, and holders of responsible positions in the worlds of politics and administration, sports and the sports industry, science and research, and IT