Extremist tendencies on social media networks: analysis, prevention, management and continuing education

  • TRADE 4.0

    Analogue and regional? Digital and global? Industry and science in dialogue


    Qualification, work and industry 4.0 in the international aviation industry with Airbus


    350 participants from science, industry and politics discussed education in hybrid living, working and learning environments in Chemnitz


    AI-based learning systems in histology and anatomy for medical studies

Educational Technology Laboratory

The Educational Technology Lab at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) focuses on using artificial intelligence and innovative software technologies to support the training, qualification and education processes of scholastic, academic and professional basic and further training. The emergence of technology, education and organisation in networked, digitised worlds is particularly relevant in research, development, innovation and transformation. Academics work together with partners for research and science, the digital and education economies, spinoffs, EdTec startups, and young companies in e-learning and digital education.











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Selected research partners

News from EdTec Lab

Prof. Dr. Igel hält Impulsvortrag bei eQualification 2018 des BMBF

Das Internet ist allgegenwärtig geworden – auch beim Lernen und in der Arbeit. Die Beschäftigungsfähigkeit des Einzelnen kann durch die Nutzung digitaler Medien zum Lernen entscheidend verbessert werden. Vor diesem Hintergrund hat das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) verschiedene Fördermaßnahmen zum Lernen mit digitalen Medien auf den Weg gebracht. Mit den Fördermaßnahmen werden Projekte unterstützt, die praktikable Lösungen für das Lehren und Lernen mit digitalen

EdTec Lab is partner of Deutschland Safari 4.0

Work 4.0, qualification 4.0 and artificial intelligence are strategically important topics for positioning companies and developing business areas across the world. But what exactly does this mean? What are the various concepts, what is new and which approaches have proven their worth? And what experience has already been gained? As a partner of Deutschland Safari 4.0  (Germany Safari 4.0), the

Discussion paper on the digitisation of ...

What infrastructure requirements and network connections are needed for schools, and how might the use of cloud solutions work? What role does interoperability play in education system networking? How can we ensure a balance between data sovereignty and data protection, and what organisational developments are required within the school system? These and other questions are tackled in the recently

Prof. Igel appointed to the advisory board ...

The ‘Haus der kleinen Forscher’ Foundation has been committed to improving education for boys and girls of nursery and primary school age in the STEM subjects of science, technology, computer science, and mathematics since 2006. Together with 220 local network partners, the foundation provides a nationwide professional development programme that helps teachers and educators to provide children